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North Okanagan Minor Lacrosse
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Mailing Address

P.O. Box 20046
Vernon, BC
V1T 9L4


    Position Name Email Telephone
    President Colin Marchand 250-550-6116
    Vice-President Blaine Stowards 250-306-2485
    Secretary Chelsey Mann 250-351-9663
    Treasurer Stephanie Minchenko 250-938-5785
    Registrar Valerie Mill 250-503-6115
    Information/General Valerie Mill 250-503-6115
    Past President Travis Mann N/A N/A


    Position Name Email Telephone
    Scheduler Miranda Marchand 250-550-6908
    Head Coach Scott Ciccone 250-306-4044
    Coaching Coordinator Marcus Shalaby 250-540-7980
    Head Referee Jacob Kuiken
    Referee Allocator VACANT
    Equipment Manager Clayton Schlaak 250-309-5631
    Publicist/Promoter Jolene Cowden 250-306-3622
    Sponsorship Coordinator Brian Foisy 250-503-7726
    Manager Coordinator Terra Shalaby 250-540-7970
    Tournament Coordinator Alicia Marchand 250-558-9745
    Director Field Lacrosse Travis Mann
    Website Coordinator Wendy Stowards 250-540-6085
    North Okanagan Minor Lacrosse

    Join us as we celebrate the spirit of lacrosse, a game deeply rooted in history and tradition, and experience the thrill of this fast-paced, dynamic sport.


    P.O. Box 20046
    Vernon, BC V1T 9L4

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